Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Phos was formulated to provide a perfectly balanced blend of Rock Phos and Humic Acid. The combinatorial chemistry of Humic Acid and Phosphorus allows for enhanced nutrient availability, translocation and improves overall soil health and sustainability.

Phosphorus is one of the three important nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) required for plant growth, it is a critical soil nutrient that stimulates early season growth, promotes seed production, promotes the growth of deeper and stronger roots, ensures a competitive crop, reduces weed, disease and insect pressure, hastens plant maturity and drives yield.

Humates applied together with phosphate is an excellent combination for improvement of phosphorus availability, soil and plant physicochemical conditions.

Humi[K] Phos for Soil and Plant Health

Typical Content Analysis

Available Phosphate (P205) 5%
Soluble Potash (K20) 1%
Calcium (Ca) 26%
Sulfur (S) 3%
Zinc (Zn) 1%
Humic Acids 4%
Si02 9%

Sorry, these informations only available to registered users.

Sorry, these informations only available to registered users.

Purpose: To provide phosphate for plant growth. May aid in micronutrient availability. Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture.

Potassium Humate (Humic Acid)

❖ Only high quality (>90% Humate content) ore mined from Alberta, Canada, unlike other products that use Leonardite from pre-mature coal or coal by-products with high carbon content.

❖ Our Humic is derived from a Weathered, Oxidized Sub-bituminous ore that has undergone a wet chemistry extraction process to isolate, activate and extract the humates.

❖ Humates improve soil microbial activity by providing a source of functional carbon to the soil which is required by soil organisms.

Rock Phosphate

❖ High quality rock phosphate that is low in heavy metals and high in total and available phosphorus.

❖ Our Rock Phosphate fertilizer is made from phosphate ore that has been crushed and screened into fine powder.

❖ Rock Phosphorus provides a slow release, long lasting source of phosphorus.

Combinatorial chemistry

Under alkaline soil conditions (high pH) or very acidic conditions (low pH) most of the soluble phosphorus naturally present in the soil and from fertilizer is easily tied up with soil cations such as Calcium, Iron and Aluminum.

Through these processes, calcium-phosphate bonds can be broken to improve the release of available phosphorus in the soil and prevent tie-up.

Scientists have shown that Humates significantly increases water soluble phosphate availability and reduces the formation of insoluble phosphate. As a result, plant phosphorous uptake, translocation and yield are increased.

Feed the soil to feed the crop!

Usage Instructions

Directions for Use:
For use with any well balanced soil/plant nutrition application in all agricultural crop field applications. Use at all times of year when fertilizer pplications occur, i.e. fall fertilizer applications, spring pre plant, at planting, as well as in crop or top-dress. If unsure of application rates for your specific crop(s) or soil(s), please consult your local Agronomic Professional.


Fall Fertilizer Applications: 100-1,000 Ibs./acre
Spring Pre Plant: 100-200 Ibs./acre
Seeding: 60-100 Ibs./acre
Top Dress: 100-200 Ibs./acre


Berries and other similar fruits


Wheat and other grains

Date Palm

banana and other fruits


cucumber, herbs and vegetables


and other roots


saffron and other special crops


orange, lemon, mandarin etc


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Humi[K] Phos

Adding Humates to the soil provides a source of energy which is beneficial to increase:

✔ Phosphorus availability

✔ microbial populations

✔ organic matter content

✔ cation exchange capacity

✔ buffering capacity

✔ chelation and complexation

Available Packaging:

– 2,000 lb/UST (Super Sack)


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