Diamond Grow® Solu-Sea 100% Soluble Sea Kelp is designed to be used as part of a well-balanced plant nutritional program. Our animal-free, plant-derived Icelandic Sea Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum), stands out as being of the highest quality sourced from ethically harvested locations.

Sea kelp is perhaps the oldest known agricultural supplement. Its benefits are well documented over the centuries, across cultures and nations.

Sea kelp can benefit your plants no matter what stage of life the plant is in. Studies have found that soaking seeds in seaweed extract reduces transplant shock, and benefits the roots to grow at a more rapid rate and with more mass, and the plant’s overall survival rate becomes higher.

Derived from: Icelandic Sea Kelp

Content Analysis

Soluble Potash K2O 15% 

Purpose: Using sea kelp for plants is not only a good idea because it’s a natural fertilizer, thus providing nutrition to the plant, but it also encourages your plants to more effectively draw nutrients from the soil in general.

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Usage Instructions

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: To reconstitute this product dissolve 10 ounces (1 and ¼ cups) of soluble powder into 1 gallon of water. Reconstituted Solu-Sea is always further diluted with water (preferably with an approximate pH of 6.0) to the appropriate concentration and applied to foliage or soil.

  1. Mix 1 lb. Solu-Sea in 1 gallon (1kg/5 liters) of water.
  2. Agitate/dissolve Solu-Sea in water.
  3. Further dilute with 25 gallons (100 liters) of water prior to application.
  4. Apply diluted Solu-Sea liquid solution to the soil in fall and early spring with as many as 4 applications per growing season.


Agronomic Crops: 1-3 lbs. per acre (1 kg. per hectare).
Apply 25-75 gallons diluted Solu-Sea per acre (100 liters diluted Solu-Sea liquid solution per hectare)

Always shake, or mix, reconstituted Solu-Sea well before diluting. Only make up what you can use at one time. Foliar application is the most efficient and effective method. Kelp extracts are 8 to 20 times more effective when applied to the leaves then when broadcast on the soil. Spray as a fine mist until it drips of the plants’ surfaces.

SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS: Reconstituted Solu-Sea can be used with a variety of sprayers – plant misters, pump-up, backpack, hose-end, or tractor sprayers. The dilution rates provided here are based on areal measurements. Depending on the type of sprayer you have, simply dilute this product with the appropriate amount of water for your sprayer to cover a specific area. This product also works well with irrigation systems.


Berries and other similar fruits


Wheat and other grains

Date Palm

banana and other fruits


cucumber, herbs and vegetables


and other roots


saffron and other special crops


orange, lemon, mandarin etc


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Diamond Grow® Solo Sea


◾ Many fruits become sweeter

◾ Veggies are less prone to softening and often grow larger

◾ Increases flower production on flowering plants

◾ Increases overall plant resilience to disease

◾ Cut flowers stay fresh longer

◾ Encourages root growth, both in rate and root mass

◾ Fruits and vegetables survive longer post-harvest if treated with seaweed fertilizer pre-harvest

Available Packaging:

– 55lb/25kg Bag (40 per pallet)


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